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Dr Webb Foot & Ankle Clinic


Dr. Webb recognizes the uniqueness in each one of us.  Dr. Webb believes the role of a physician is to recognize each person's unique situation and to provide a successful workable treatment plan, while guiding the patient with empathy and wisdom on the path of healing.        





In order to provide the highest quality personalized care, Dr. Webb opted out of all insurance.



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"Thank you, thank you, and thank you. I came to the clinic with a damaged ankle tendon. I actually came to Dr. Webb for a secondary opinion as I was furious with my experience with the Orthopedic Center of the Rockies. The experience and care was night and day. Dr. Webb took the time to listen to my concerns, perform low level diagnosis initially as to provide a preliminary diagnosis, and also talk through the options. She never cut our initial conversation short and was there until all my questions were answered. An MRI was requested, and guess what? The radiologist said there was no tear. Dr. Webb was graceful and contacted the radiologist to point out that there was. The surgery went without a hitch, and her follow up appointments were perfect. I compliment Dr. Webb on her skills, professionalism, and bedside manners." ~ Karl B.


"I truly enjoyed meeting with Dr. Webb she was wonderful. This was the first time I have had a toenail removed and she helped me through the whole process. I really enjoyed talking with her and she talked to me through the entire procedure. I didn’t even know it was already over! It really helped take my mind off of what she was doing. She is an amazing Doctor and I would recommend her to anyone! It was also easy to get in and all of the staff including the front desk and medical staff treated me great! Highly recommend!" ~ Dakota W.

"I went to see Dr. Webb a few months ago about a painful neuroma I had been dealing with for years. I was really looking to have surgery after seeing two other podiatrists to no avail. Dr. Webb talked me into trying a few things before deciding on surgery.... Or even cortisone injections. After two sessions, some shoe adjustments, and some very inexpensive orthotic insoles that she made on the spot I'm almost entirely pain free even jogging 5-10 miles. Haven't been this happy with my feet in YEARS! Wish I talked to her sooner." ~ Erica S.


"I am an active and serious martial arts student, a person who doesn't like to be inactive for very long. I do not go to the doctor unless something is seriously wrong. Unfortunately, I was in need of a podiatrist, big time. Fortunately, I found Dr. Webb... Beginning to end, I've had a wonderful experience here. What could have potentially been a very stressful event surprisingly turned out to be very pleasant and low-stress. Front desk is kind and attentive, and Dr. Webb is positively a gem of a practitioner. I wish every doctor was as professional, caring, kind, and competent as she. She listened to my concerns, I never felt rushed, and she found a new diagnosis I wasn't even aware of (in addition to the one that led me to call,) due to her thoroughness in examination. She developed an individual treatment plan for me that I think is going to work, keep me out of surgery, and restore me to the active lifestyle I enjoy. If you have ankle or foot needs, look no further. Do yourself a favor, and meet with Dr. Webb. Thank you, Dr. Webb!" ~ Allison B. 



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