Dr Webb Foot & Ankle Clinic


When you schedule an appointment with Dr. Webb, it is by amount of time spent during your visit.  She won't double-book  your appointment with another patient.  Therefore, your appointment is focused on you only. In order to provide services available to anyone, Dr. Webb does not accept any insurance, including Medicare or Medicaid. The fee schedule is below. Payment is collected at the end of your appointment. There are no hidden fees after your visit is over. 




How do I know how much time I should schedule


If you have ONE medical condition, e,g. plantar fasciitis, gout, etc. a 30-minute appointment should be sufficient.  


- If you have a complex issue or multiple concerns, a minimum of 45 min or 60 min appointment may be required.  Please bring any pertinent recent x-rays, images, reports with you. 





Length of appointment                                                   Fee


15 minute appointment                                                 $ 65


30 minute appointment                                                $129


45 minute appointment                                                $193


60 minute appointment                                                $258





Extra services


X-rays (per view)                                                               $ 15


Steroid injection                                                               $ 98




Common Procedures                                                    


Nail avulsion                                                                     $154  


Nail avulsion with root removal                                    $258     




~ For scheduling, please call (970) 460-6575. Dr. Webb currently sees patients on Tuesday mornings.



Address:  1927 Wilmington Drive, Suite 102, Fort Collins, CO 80528 (same as Save Your Sole Foot/Ankle Specialists) 



New Patient Forms Download Here

Please print and complete the forms. Bring them with you to your first appointment. 



~ Dr. Webb performs minor procedures in the clinic. If major surgery is required, she will refer you to a qualified surgeon of your choice.  



~ If you are unable to pay fully due to financial difficulties, Dr. Webb will help you regardless of your financial ability.  Please consult with Dr. Webb.  



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