On this journey, Emily is sharing the benefits of mindfulness, which in a sense means re-training our brain's neural wiring.  It is not as mysterious as what people think.  It is science based and backed by thousands of studies published in recent medical neuroscience journals.  


When we are under stress, we automatically use our so-called "reptilian brain" which is the most primitive and least evolved part of our brain to function - usually in a reactive way to deal with our circumstances.   When we practice mindfulness, we retrain our brain so we can function in a wise, non-reactive way.  Otherwise, history most likely repeats itself.  Our future will look like our past if we remain unconscious of our mind and behavior. 


Being mindful also means bringing our awareness into our daily life.  


At the end of the day, we are human "beings" and not human "doings."   All the Doing makes us more anxious if there is no coexistent Being. 


The practice is to reconnect with our Being, our true Self. 


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