Death and dying can feel overwhelming and scary for people, as most of us are not prepared for this stage of our lives until it's right in front of us. 


For most, death and loss are the absolute hardest things in life.  If we cannot even talk about it, how do we know what to do?  


Emily believes no one should be going through this process alone. She is here to support and accompany you and/or your loved ones during what can be challenging.  Our society doesn't prepare us for this stage of life.   If you are alone in this process, please know you're not alone.  Emily has experience in accompanying people at end-of-life as a companion.  You don't have to be alone.    


We have birth doulas who support pregnant women during their pregnant and birthing process. Similarly, we also have doulas for the dying and their families at a different life transition.  


Whether you received a life-limiting diagnosis, or if you are caring for a loved one near the end of life, a doula is here to support, comfort and walk alongside you.  


As a spiritual teacher once said, "We're all walking each other Home."  




"Dying is a journey through the unknown. Having a doula to accompany and guide us made such a difference. They didn’t take away the suffering, but they softened it, opened us to new possibilities of engagement, and helped us feel safe with the unexpected. I cannot imagine how I would have managed without a doula."


What is an End-of-Life Doula?  

Services provided:



For the person at end of life

~ Holding space, dignifying the process, and honoring your wishes

~ Helping you review your life and any unfinished business, if desired

~ Helping/creating legacy work - leaving something behind for your loved ones to remember you by, if desired

~ Someone to talk to

~ Simply being there for you and with you, even in silence 

~ Prayer and guided meditation


For the loved one/primary caregiver:

~ Providing respite care so you can take a break

~ Educating signs and symptoms of dying process

~ Someone to talk to

~ Helping with planning memorial service if needed

~ Grief support 

~ Simply being there for you and with you 

~ Prayer and guided meditation


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