"My foot hurts. I cannot afford health insurance."


If you are having a life-threatening or life-altering medical issue, please go to the nearest hospital Emergency Room right now.   Do not make an appointment here.  



Without health insurance, it is difficult to find a physician who can see your toe/foot/ankle issues. 


Dr. Webb opted out of all insurances, so she can treat patients who cannot afford health insurance.  




Dr. Webb recognizes the uniqueness in each one of us. Though we are similar physically, we are all unique and different individually.


We each carry our own cultural, professional, psychological and emotional history and stories. Various factors make up who we are as an individual. That’s why medicine should not be "one size fits all."




The role of a physician, Dr. Webb believes, is to recognize each person's uniqueness, to come up with the accurate diagnosis and to provide a successful treatment plan, while guiding the patient with compassion and wisdom on the path of healing.


It is ultimately your decision as a patient to choose what is the best for you.  



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